Kalevala Vanamo bracelet, silver, with pink pearls, Kalevala Modern

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Kalevala Vanamo multiple bracelet with pink pearls

Vanamo, Linnaea borealis, is a delicate flower of a lush spruce forest.The delicate plant rides with soft patch of moss and raises its stem to bloom one after another. Vanamo is a shy beauty in the Finnish forest. Eino Leino's (1878–1926) beloved poem Nocturne breathes the timeless message of a Finnish summer night: The twinflower's scent, the water's shade, of these my heart's own song is made. The verses of the young Eino Leino have also inspired jewellery designer Kirsti Doukas. The pink pearls of her Vanamo jewellery glow with a delicate sweetness.

Material: silver
Stone: pink freshwater pearl
Weight: 21 g
Product code: 2565400HE

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