Kalevala Snow Crystal bracelet, Kalevala Modern

Kalevala JewelrySKU: 2568260

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On a frosty night, it cascaded lightly through the sky with thousands of friends. In the blue-grey gloom of the morning, it crunched happily underfoot, only to soften in the afternoon and later join the snowball whooshing through the air. Finally, in the spring, it melted into the murmuring brook. Snow Crystal. A piece of jewellery moulded by nature, like flowers made of ice, drawn by the frost on the porch windowpane. Designed by goldsmith Terhi Koivisto, Snow Crystal expresses the delicate softness of the first snow and the glimmering play of light on its surface.

Material: silver
Length: adjustable, 16.5–21 cm
Weight: 3 g
Product code: 2568260

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