Kalevala Path, ring, silver

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Path, ring, silver

The unbroken circle shape of the ring is associated with a belief in its magical power and protection. This belief may have influenced the custom of exchanging rings when getting married: the ring that marks the covenant symbolises an eternal connection. In many cultures, the fourth finger on the left hand became the place of the wedding ring because it was believed that vena amoris (vein of love) run directly from that finger to the heart. Rings have been embellished by engraving decorative patterns on their surface or planting beautiful gems in the them. The oldest ornaments include geometric patterns, but also the motifs used in the classical art of ancient Greece are still considered beautiful and attractive. Kalevala's gold rings reflect the timeless beauty of ancient ornaments.

Width: 5.5 mm
Material: silver
Weight: 3 g
Product code: 2415151

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