Kalevala Longing necklace, Kalevala Modern

Kalevala JewelrySKU: 237030049

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Kalevala Longing necklace, Kalevala Modern

The impressive Longing necklace in the Kalevala Modern collection features a beautiful pattern.

Design: Taru Harmaala-Chaloff
Material: silver
Length: 49 cm
Weight: 83 g
Piece size: 20 x 20 mm
Product number: 237030049

Longing story
An old framed picture on the dresser
Opens the window to my soul
I look, see and remember
Everything that happened and that never did
What is now will soon be a wistful memory of the past
At the same time, I see everything I hope for the future
Longing and anticipation, in the flow of time Evening darkens, the picture disappears
The window to my sol remains open


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