Kalevala Live Hard Live Your Dream ring, Kalevala Originals

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Kalevala Live Hard Live Your Dream, ring

This stylish ring from the Live Hard Live Your Dream collection created with the Dudesons complements any outfit!

‘Let’s live this life to the fullest so that every day is worth living! Dare to dream and get the things you want from life. Even though we experience hard moments in life, let’s not give up – this is what all the stories and adventures are made of! Then, when we are old, we can sit happily in a rocking chair and tell about the great moments of friendship and amazing adventures.’ -The Dudesons

The Live Hard Live Your Dream jewellery collection is inspired by the Dudesons and made by Kalevala.

Width: 7.5 mm
Weight: 6 g
Material: silver
Product code: 2469110

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