Kalevala Live Hard Live Your Dream multiple bracelet, Kalevala Originals

Kalevala JewelrySKU: 256911060

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Kalevala Live Hard Live Your Dream

‘We live life to the fullest, with passion and a big bouncing heart, to make every day worth living! We dream big! And we live the lives we wanna live! We might get some hard knocks in our lives, but never give up. That way when we are old, we can tell stories of our grand and crazy adventures, and how the world fulfilled our wildest dreams!.’ -The Dudesons

The Live Hard Live Your Dream jewellery collection is inspired by the Dudesons and made by Kalevala.

Adjustable length. Double-sided, with the text ‘Live your dream’ on one side. Can also be used as a necklace.

Adjustable length: 60 cm
Weight: 24 g
Material: silver
Product code: 256911060

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