Kalevala Kosmos bracelet, silver, onyx, Kalevala Modern

Kalevala JewelrySKU: 2568770ON57

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Kalevala Kosmos bracelet

The long-awaited new bracelet completes the stunning Kosmos collection!

Celestial bodies have been believed to affect destiny, and their positions have been used to predict the future. The circles and spirals of the Kosmos jewellery, the ancient symbols of perfection and infinity, reflect the endless universe around us, with celestial bodies wandering, each in its own orbit, each at its own pace. The bright bronze of the jewellery shines like the sun in a warm golden glow.

Size: various options
Weight: 47 g
Material: silver
Stones: onyx
Design: Antonio Mazzamauro
Product code: 2568770ON

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