Kalevala Circle of Light pendant, gold, Kalevala Modern

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Kalevala Circle of Light, gold pendant

A welcome addition to the popular Circle of Light series! As the name implies, the small golden Circle of Light pendant shines like the sun. Adjustable length 45/42 cm.

The faces of our new spring jewellery selection are the great players of the women’s national hockey team of Finland.

Length (neck): 42/45 cm (adjustable)
Material: 14ct gold
Designer: Tiina Arkko
Product code: 126948245

“In the jewellery I designed, the circular pattern reflects the eternity of friendship that brings light and warmth to life. The piece of jewellery gives friends strength and life joy,” says jewellery designer Tiina Arkko. The piece of jewellery reminds you of the importance of friendship and encourages you to be your own best friend.

See also the Circle of Light series video below!

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