Kalevala Birds of Paradise, necklace, bronze, Kalevala Originals

Kalevala JewelrySKU: 3302180

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Two long-necked birds, probably peacocks, embellish this stunning necklace. Peacocks were considered inhabitants of Paradise that symbolised heavenly beauty and immortality. Below the birds, there is a chalice for the water of life. The arch framing the birds is believed to symbolise a church vault. The necklace features the Paradise symbol of early Christian art, where paradise was the kingdom of heaven. This piece of jewellery was inspired by a necklace found in Kernaala, Janakkala, Finland, dating back to the 8th or 9th century.

Length: 70 cm (neck)
Weight: 80 g
Material: bronze
Product code: 3302180

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