Ring size

A ring should fit the finger perfectly, since a ring that is too big or too small is unpleasant to wear. When buying a ring, it is good to remember that the thickness of fingers depends on the time of measurement and the temperature. For example, in summer, fingers may be thicker than in winter when the temperature is below freezing.

How do I choose the right ring size?

The surest way to determine the ring size is to measure it at a jewellery store with appropriate equipment. Ring size (or a very accurate estimate) can also be determined with our free measurement instructions and ring sizer. Below, there is a printable ring size ruler that you can use to measure correct size.

The size of the finger varies during the day; for example, in warm weather, the fingers are slightly thicker than in cool weather. Thus, it is advisable to measure the size of your finger several times during the day, for example in the morning and evening. This is the surest way to determine your actual ring size.

If you already have a correct-size ring and you want a new one in the same size, the easiest way is to measure the inner circumference of your existing ring. To help with this, we offer a printable ring-size chart, but you can also measure the inner diameter of the ring with a ruler.

If you are ordering a wide ring, we recommend choosing a ring that is about half a size (0.5mm) larger than your usual ring size.

I’m buying a ring as a gift? What if the size is wrong?

For products ordered from our online store, we offer a 30-day exchange and return policy (provided that the product is unused and in its original condition). Thus, the ring size can also be altered later. For engraved products, we do not offer an exchange or return policy. Due to the hardness of the material, we cannot alter the size of titanium rings afterwards.

Ring size chart

Below, there is a ring size chart, with the aid of which you can easily convert the inner circumference of the ring into its diameter. The ring sizes displayed in our online store are inner diameters of rings at 0.5mm intervals.

Ring size (inside diameter in mm)
Inside Circumference (mm)
14,5 45,5
15,0 47,1
15,5 48,7
16,0 50,2
16,5 51,8
17,0 53,4
17,5 55,0
18,0 56,5
18,5 58,1
19,0 59,7
19,5 61,2
20,0 62,8
20,5 64,4
21,0 65,9
21,5 67,5
22,0 69,1
22,5 70,7
23,0 72,2