The website uses cookies to improve the user experience. Cookies are small text files between the browser and server that our online store saves in the memory of the customer’s data terminal. Cookies are useful for the user, as they facilitate the use of the website by, e.g., remembering your username or language settings.

Cookies have a period of validity after which the browser automatically deletes them. As a user, you can prevent cookies from being saved via your browser settings. The disadvantage of deleting cookies is that our online store, or any other modern website, will not work properly after that. It is good to remember that cookies improve the functionality of websites and make the shopping experience more pleasant.

We use different cookies for the following purposes, for example:

  • Technical cookies are necessary for the operation of the website. They ensure that the site and your user account are displayed and function correctly.
  • Functional cookies help us remember your preferences, so that we can help you use our website more effortlessly. These cookies remember, for example, the products you have viewed or added to your cart.
  • Analytics cookies help us collect information about how visitors use our online store. We use Google Analytics, which is the market leader in online analytics. All analytics cookie data is anonymised or pseudonymised.
  • Ad cookies allow us to show personalised ads on websites. This is called remarketing. With these tools, we can, for example, improve the features and user experience of our online store and get information about what kind of products our customers are looking for.

You can easily opt out of the use of cookies used by our marketing and analytics partners by browsing our online store in a private mode (e.g., Incognito mode in Google Chrome). Other ways to influence the use of cookies include:

  • Clearing cookies from your browser at regular intervals via the browser settings.
  • Blocking cookies via your browser settings in accordance with the browser manufacturer's instructions (usually via either the Help, Tools, or Edit menu). Blocking the use of cookies may affect the functionality of the services, not only on our website, but on all websites.
  • Social media service providers use cookies, plugins, and buttons to collect information about our services. The purpose and extent of data collection by social media service providers, the use of data and related rights, and information on changing data protection regulations are provided in the privacy policies of each social media service provider.

Changes to the use of cookies: We will notify you of any changes to the use of cookies on this page.