Value comes from individuality

A bright bulb shines a light on a wooden block. My fingertips are feeling a little numb as I’m finalising the buffing of an ordered wedding ring. I admire my work in the dim light, but at the same time I feel bad about having to give it away. I can hear the sound of steps from above where my children are running around my wife in the kitchen. Yelling and squealing – happy life. The smell of cooking wafts down to the basement. ‘Perfect timing’, I think to myself and give a laugh.

Silván Jewellery took its first steps in 1972, when the company’s founder Keijo Silván started making gold jewellery in the basement of his home. The nearness of the kitchen, the warm ambiance, and the support by his family gave him both inspiration and energy to passionately do the work he loved. Family has played an important role in the company’s business operations. For this reasons, key positions in the company have been held by family members. The business has been run in the midst of the everyday life of the Silván family – now already in the third generation. It could even be said that Silván Jewellery’s heart beats to Finnishness and traditions.

Individual high-quality products with expertise

A young couple is standing in front of the glass counter. ‘Does it have to have a stone, or is a smooth surface enough?’, the boy asks. The girl is blushing next to him, but still replies with certainty: ‘Smooth surface for the engagement ring and a stone for the wedding ring.’ An older couple is smiling at the young couple’s discussion while walking towards the watch cabinet. The man’s eyes rest briefly on the valuable watches, whereas the woman’s eyes admire the pearl jewellery and Silván diamond jewellery before turning to the salesperson.

Silván Jewellery manufactures and sells jewellery for all of us for the most important moments and achievements of our lives. Silván Jewellery offers rings, earrings, pendants, and watches, as well as silverware and gifts. In addition to products by traditional and well-known brands, Silván Jewellery's selection includes diamond jewellery by Silván, the company’s own brand.

The Silván diamond jewellery is manufactured by Laatukoru Oy. Our goldsmiths process annually approximately 20kg of recycled gold and 600 carats of diamonds at the Silván Jewellery workshop. From these materials, stunning individual Silván diamond jewellery is made for both men and women.

Each goldsmith wants to make their mark. Keijo Silván, the founder of Silván Jewellery, wanted his diamond jewellery to reflect his values, experiences, and the things he valued most in life. Thus, the Silván diamond jewellery draws attention to beautiful details and materials, as well as to generous and clear shapes.

All Silván jewellery is designed and manufactured in Finland. This is indicated by the Key Flag Symbol awarded in 2009. When an item of Silván jewellery touches your skin, you can be sure that the materials have been acquired from reliable sources. Each diamond sold has a warranty certificate to indicate their conflict-free and legal origin. Silván jewellery is something to be proud of.

For both private and corporate customers according to needs

When I’m rewarding my employees for a good career, I want the gift I give to convey just how much their work has meant for this community. When the gift is a piece of jewellery or a watch, it is something permanent, something that remains meaningful long after the moment of celebration. To me, a gift like this is for forever.

Silván Jewellery is also part of the everyday life of companies. When the time comes to reward a decorated employee or thank a collaboration partner with a gift, you are sure to find a suitable product in our selection. We want to contribute to rewarding success and achievements.

We also manufacture unique business gifts in our workshop according to your wishes. Such products include rings, cufflinks, and tie clips made of gold or silver, as well as various pendants and pins. For sports clubs, we also manufacture championship rings and other jewellery and fan products.

Silván Jewellery in your life

Silván Jewellery invests in individuality, high quality, and a guarantee that both the product and service meet the customer’s needs. In addition to our own Silván diamond jewellery, our selection includes products from both top Finnish brands and foreign brands.

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